My Mission

I am heading down the road of learning Apache Spark - specifically Spark on Apache Cassandra, and I want to assemble a collection of the most simple example cases for reference and learning purposes.  This is an area I find almost completely lacking in the Apache Spark space.  Examples are either so basic that they do little to expand ones knowledge or they jump to levels of complexity that squash the beginner and send them elsewhere.  It is my hope that a person who follows this blog over time (or reads it in series some time from now) will be able to stand on my shoulders and accelerate the Spark learning process.

At the time of this writing Spark 1.1.0 is state of the art, so we'll be using that with Apache Cassandra 2.x.

I will make an effort to include links to repositories on github whenever that is relevant and possible.

Feedback, comments, questions, and corrections are always welcome.  Only through cooperation can we all become better.