Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coming soon to spark-fu!

It has been a busy 2015 (though you couldn't tell by looking here).  I have a lot of stuff incubating that needs to be pushed out here once all the bugs are dead (and I find the time to write it all up).

Things to look for in the coming weeks:

  1. Cluster install using Ambari
  2. Spark on Yarn introduction
  3. Updated examples with Scala 2.11.x and Kafka
  4. Freshening previous stuff with current Spark version
  5. Going current on SBT as well.
So hold tight - this stuff is coming.  Also, just a heads up, some of the source out at github may be updated prior to the tutorials reflecting the changes.  Everything should still work, but you may need to tweak versions of scala, spark, kafka, etc..


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